Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – August Commentary

August Performance and Market Commentary


US stocks remained the place to invest in August, advancing 3.3% in the month, significantly outpacing stock returns in Canadian, International and Emerging Markets. Emerging markets made headlines as one by one currencies from these countries depreciate dramatically and stock markets sold off.  The MSCI Emerging Market index is down over  -7% YTD, vs S&P 500 returns of nearly 10%  The Mulvihill portfolio mandates continue to have no exposure to emerging market equities. We view US equities, specifically small cap and value oriented US stocks, as providing better risk reward opportunities.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income remains under pressure globally in 2018 with emerging market declines leading to the downside off -1.3%. In August. Canadian and US Fixed Income markets were positive in August. Our allocation to fixed income remains as low as possible in each portfolio as interest rates rise from depressed levels globally.


The three portfolios (Growth, Moderate and Conservative) recorded positive performance in August. The best performing holding was US Small Cap (IJR) up 4.8% while exposure to Gold (CGL) continued to be a drag on performance off -2.3%.  The US Dollar appreciated 0.26% vs Canadian dollar, adding to gains in the US holdings. No trades were made in any of the mandates in August.


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