By The Way – February 2019

“We can never be sure of an outcome, but I think we can get the odds on our side by understanding where we are in the cycle” – Howard Marks...


By The Way – December 2018

One of the basic principles of investing is to focus on the long term and ignore the short-term volatility, or as it is often called, the noise.  There is no...


By The Way – November 2018

“I hate down markets during the festive season” Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s not easy to remain merry during these volatile and nerve wracking markets.  As an...


By The Way – October 2018

“‘Since 1946 the S&P has always been higher 12 months after a mid-term election.” That was an ugly month.  It wasn’t just the magnitude of the decline, but how fast...


By The Way – September 2018

“‘I am relieved that I haven’t been stopped on the street and told to buy stocks to get rich.” The Dow Jones Industrial Index recently broke out to a new...


By The Way – August 2018

It took over 6 months, but the S&P 500 has finally hit a new high.  Since the low of February 9th, the index has gained over 14%, and just since...

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