March 11, 2019 in Fund Updates

Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – February Commentary

Performance & Market Commentary Stocks Global stock markets continued to rebound in February, continuing to recapturing losses experienced in the back half o

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Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – July Commentary

July Performance and Market Commentary Stocks Global Stock markets rallied in July with all four geographic regions of focus advancing. US stocks outpaced other markets up 3.7%, bringing 2018 returns...


By The Way – July 2018

“‘it has been my experience that when everyone “knows” something will happen, it often doesn’t.” Over half the year is gone and the summer doldrums are upon us.  The Hamptons...


By The Way – June 2018

We have long expressed the belief that the more than generous monetary stimulation provided by the world’s central banks over the past decade was responsible for a large part of...


Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – May Commentary

May Performance and Market Commentary How are we positioned? Stocks Global stock market returns varied in May, Canada and the US advanced 3.1% and 2.4% respectively, while International Developed (EAFE)...


By The Way – May 2018

The current market brings to mind the old saying about being an airline pilot; it involves long stretches of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.  The S&P 500 continues...


Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – April Commentary

April Performance and Market Commentary(PDF) The interday and intraday volatility of the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Indices leaves one confused, if not bewildered.  White House tweets or Mark Zuckerberg...

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