March 11, 2019 in Fund Updates

Mulvihill x Wealthsimple – February Commentary

Performance & Market Commentary Stocks Global stock markets continued to rebound in February, continuing to recapturing losses experienced in the back half o

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By The Way – April 2018

“‘It takes buying to move prices up, but markets can fall of their own weight.” The interday and intraday volatility of the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Indices leaves...

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By The Way – March 2018

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history” As promised, for the past month we have been closely watching the internal strength of the S&P 500 for...

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By The Way – February 2018

I quoted investment legend, Bob Farrell, in our last letter, specifically that markets don’t correct by going sideways.  But I don’t thing he, and certainly not I, foresaw the violent...


Mulvi Monthly Takeaway- January

January Market Themes (click for PDF chart package)  Global markets “melted up” in January, while rising yields hurt fixed income performance. The US dollar slid against most major currencies (but...


Mulvi Morning Update 1/30/2018

On Our Radar (click for full chart package) All eleven S&P 500 Sectors in the red yesterday. Defensive groups such as Utilities, Telecom and REIT’s leading to the downside However message...

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