Intelligent strategies and refined processes that enhance yield in diverse market cycles.

Strathbridge Asset Management is a leading provider of yield-oriented investment funds that utilize option-based investment strategies to enhance yield and improve an investor's risk/return profile.

We are the high quality provider for high yield. The extensive knowledge and experience of our people allow us to provide investment products that meet the long term investment goals of our clients. We focus on providing superior products that utilize our proprietary investment process, while providing excellent ongoing customer service. The firm’s proprietary investment strategy, Strathbridge Selective Overwriting (“SSO”), has been developed and refined over many years by our team of senior portfolio managers that have been working together for over a decade. The combination of both Active Stock Selection and concentrated equity portfolios (typically 20-30) enable us to leverage our best ideas. By combining a top-down macroeconomic perspective with a fundamental approach to stock selection and risk management, our funds aim to deliver strong absolute returns. We overlay in this process a unique risk management perspective. By selectively writing options when appropriate, the portfolio benefits from additional income received in addition to the underlying dividends, reduces volatility and potentially increases returns.

Fund Name Ticker Current
Since Inception
NAV Plus
Total Distributions
Fact Sheet
Unit Trusts
Canadian Utilities & Telecom Income FundUTE.UN $9.50     2019-03-18$0.054540 7.11%$6.69 $16.20
Core Canadian Dividend TrustCDD.UN $5.76     2019-03-14$0.031090 6.78%$5.71 $11.47
Low Volatility U.S. Equity Income FundLVU.UN $5.01     2019-03-18$0.022920 5.66%$3.78 $8.79
NDX Growth & Income FundNGI.UN $8.55     2019-03-18$0.150000 7.37%$3.17 $11.72
NDX Growth & Income Fund (Class U)NGI.US $9.03     2019-03-18$0.150000 6.00%$3.17 $12.20
Top 10 Canadian Financial TrustTCT.UN $9.02     2019-03-14$0.172130 7.88%$11.57 $20.59
U.S. Financials Income FundUSF.UN $7.43     2019-03-18$0.125000 6.96%$2.05 $9.48
U.S. Financials Income Fund (Class U)USF.US $7.57     2019-03-18$0.125000 5.00%$2.05 $9.62
Split Shares
Premium Income Corporation (Class A)PIC.A $6.16     2019-03-14$0.203190 11.93%$24.81 $30.96
Premium Income Corporation (Preferred Share)PIC.PR.A $15.00     2019-03-14$0.215625 5.86%$19.40 $34.40
S Split Corp. (Class A)SBN $6.61     2019-03-14$0.033700 6.80%$6.15 $12.76
S Split Corp. (Preferred Share)SBN.PR.A $10.00     2019-03-14$0.043750 5.16%$6.23 $16.23
Top 10 Split Trust (Preferred Share)TXT.PR.A $12.70     2019-03-14$0.195310 6.18%$10.41 $23.10
Top 10 Split Trust (Class A)TXT.UN $3.09     2019-03-14$0.059630 7.14%$5.65 $8.74
World Financial Split Corp. (Class A)WFS $3.19     2019-03-14$0.000000 0.00%$5.54 $8.73
World Financial Split Corp. (Preferred Share)WFS.PR.A $10.00     2019-03-14$0.131250 5.36%$7.94 $17.94
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