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Portfolios Specifically Tailored To
Fit Your Individual Risk Level.

Mandate Risk Level Max Stock Exposure Min Bond Exposure Monthly Update
1 Mulvihill Conservative Low 30% 70% Download
2 Mulvihill Moderate Medium 65% 35% Download
3 Mulvihill Growth High 85% 15% Download

Actively Managed Portfolios For
A Fraction of The Cost.

Competitively Priced

All in cost of 1% significantly less than average Canadian mutual fund fee of 2.32%

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Customers' accounts are CIPF insured up to $1,000,000 through our brokerage, Canadian ShareOwner Investments Inc.

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Wealthsimple has raised $165 million in capital from the Power Financial Group, a leading financial holding company with $1.4 trillion in assets under administration.

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Mulvihill powered by Wealthsimple is led by an experienced management
team with decades of combined investment experience

John Mulvihill
Chairman & CEO
John Germain
Senior Vice President & CFO
John P. Mulvihill
Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Michael M. Koerner
Independent Review Committee
Robert W. Korthals
Independent Review Committee
Robert G. Bertram
Independent Review Committee

How we construct your portfolios

Identify the set of asset classes that make up investment portfolios
Select the appropriate low cost exchange traded funds (ETF’s)
Determine each client’s specific risk tolerance 
Clients risk tolerance dictates which portfolio to invest in
Mulvihill Capital monitors and rebalances the portfolio as economic conditions evolve

Investment Philosophy


Active Management

We believe having a consistent investment process and the flexibility to allocate capital to different asset classes, as the economic climate changes, allows for outperformance over the long-term.

Market & Style Agnostic

We don’t focus on one specific asset classes, market, investment style or sector. When stocks are attractive, we own stocks.  When bonds are preferable we allocate to bonds. We believe this sets us apart from many in the asset management business who operate under a narrow investment mandate and believe one investment approach is superior regardless of market conditions.

Markets Trend

Invest in markets that are trending higher and exhibit momentum. Market moves often persist for extended periods and for longer than fundamental analysis, wisdom or the media would predict. Trend following has many benefits from both a risk management and return perspective, but most important is it removes emotion from the investment decision making process.

Here’s how each of the parties work together

What Mulvihill Capital Offers

Active Portfolio Management

  • Access active investment mandates managed by Mulvihill Capital Management
  • 21 Year track record of performance
  • Offer Conservative, Balanced and Growth mandates
  • Objective to protect client assets during challenging markets and downturns

Experienced Team

  • Experienced team managing money together for over two decades
  • Investment team of 8 portfolio managers and analysts, 6 of which hold their Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA)
  • Highly respected investment advisory board

Client Portfolio Updates

  • Regular market reviews and portfolio commentary
  • Direct access to Portfolio Managers making investment decisions.

What Wealthsimple Offers

Portfolio Management

  • Access to a team of OSC-licensed Portfolio Managers
  • Access to strategies with typically high account minimums

Brokerage and Custodian

  • Execution on compliance, admin and operations
  • Execute all trades with no extra charge to the client

Client Interface

  • Check balance from anywhere, on mobile or web
  • Electronic statements and tax reporting
  • Set up accounts, deposits, withdrawals and transfers within minutes