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Notice of Special Meeting
(For Release 4 p.m. EDT June 16, 1999)

Toronto, June 16, 1999 - The Board of Advisors of First Premium Income Trust today announced that it has approved a proposal which would permit the Trust to add the writing of cash covered put options as an investment strategy complementing its covered call option writing strategy. The addition of cash covered put options will not in any way change the fundamental objectives of the Trust. This additional feature will constitute an enhancement to the investment management tools currently available to the Trust and should permit the Trust to generate a higher rate of return on cash balances held.

A special meeting of Unitholders has been called and will be held on July 28, 1999 to consider and approve the Proposal. The Proposal will be outlined in an information circular to be prepared and delivered to Unitholders in connection with the special meeting and is subject to regulatory approvals. The Board of Advisors has determined that the proposal is in the best interests of the Trust and its Unitholders and recommends that all Unitholders vote in favour of the proposal.

First Premium Income Trust's investment objectives are to provide Unitholders with a stable stream of quarterly distributions of at least $0.50 per Unit. The Trust intends to achieve its investment objectives by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of common shares issued by major Canadian issuers. In order to generate returns above the dividend income generated by the portfolio, the Trust will write covered call options in respect of all or part of the securities in the portfolio.

The Trust's investment portfolio is managed by it's investment manager, Mulvihill Capital Management. Trust Units are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange and The Montreal Exchange under the symbol FPI.un


For more information, please contact:
John Mulvihill, Chairman & CEO, Mulvihill Capital Management
Don Biggs, Vice President, Mulvihill Capital Management

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