Investment Philosophy

Steadfast philosophies and adaptable strategies in unique market environments.

Investment Philosophy

Here at Mulvihill Capital Management, our investment philosophies are the set of principles that inform and shape the investment decision-making process for each client. We believe the best investment strategies are unbiased and objective with a clear and consistent investment process. Although our strategies are continuously evolving, our philosophies are unwavering; we aim to develop a reliable and trusting relationship with our clients in order to deliver tailored investment solutions that enhanced yield, preserve capital, and lower volatility for our clients’ portfolios.

Our strategies often focus on Covered Call Writing strategies, which you can learn more about here.

Belief in Active management

Our investment philosophy is centered around a clear and consistent strategy that entails active management across all aspects of the portfolio management process. We believe that actively managed portfolios can deliver superior risk-adjusted performance that are more customized to the unique goals of our clients.

Turn Volatility into Opportunity

The importance of a stable income stream cannot be understated for many retail, high net worth, and institutional investors. Portfolio income plays a key role in allowing investors to meet their cash flow obligations. While dividends provide a valuable source of yield, actively managing an option strategy that monetizes volatility is a great way to generate additional income and reduce portfolio volatility.

Focused Risk Management

Nothing is more important than preserving investors’ capital. Our investment process employs strategies that lower portfolio volatility and minimize portfolio drawdowns. Reducing risk is at the very core of our strategies. Selling call options, buying put protection, and having the flexibility to manage cash positions are essential components of our risk management tool box.


We understand no two clients are alike. We work closely with each investor to understand their unique circumstances, goals, and risk constraints, before developing and implementing a customized investment strategy.